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Report - - Clydach Railway Tunnels 22/02/2009 | Underground Sites |

Report - Clydach Railway Tunnels 22/02/2009

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Im new to posting on here, thought it was about time. Hope this goes ok and is marginally informative:).
As a kid i spent alot of time exploring empty building around my Gloucestershire, there used to be plenty of them, im hoping to improve my photography and go back to expolring some of these great site...

So this was actually mine and Hpipe's 3rd trip of the day on our way back from Cwm coke works and Talgarth assylum.

Some history,

The tunnels were last used in 1958 and are 352 yds long.
From the web ..
The Merthyr, Tredegar and Abergavenny Railway company Faced a number of engineering difficulties along its route. Although the route through the Clydach Vale mainly followed the earlier Bailey's Tramroad, some of the bends were too tight, necessitating the construction of tunnels at Clydach and Gelli-felen. Originally single tunnels were dug. Parallel tunnels were dug in 1877 when the line was doubled. The northerly tunnels were the first to be built, followed by the southerly tunnels.

From recent pictures elsewhere it does appear that some restoration work of the tunnels has taken place. The base has been rebalasted and in the middle of the tunnels the access between the two tunnels has been opened up. There is no direct access still.


Our ever first attempt at light painting the South Tunnel.

The access tunnel betwen the 2 tunnels,sorry for the use of flash we were low on torch power by now.

looked hastily and crudely constructed and actually gets smaller as you go through it

Some reinorcement work in the distant past (again south tunnel). Our 2nd attempt