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Report - Co-op Hall, Nuneaton... a sign of the times

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As you may remember Turk and I explored this beautiful art deco building on the eve of it's demolition



This doesn't bode well for future community relations with these people and shows the crass disregard of the public's opinion. So they (the developers) had better not try to come to the county council for any help in the near future as they will not get it."

Cllr Jones echoed the comments, saying: "It is very sad that something that holds so many memories for so many people has now disappeared without, unfortunately, any chance to discuss the situation."

Mystery now surrounds what will replace the building as no application has been submitted to Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council.

Many believe that a new Lidl supermarket will be built on the site, which housed a Kwik Save superstore until the firm pulled out 18 months ago.

The council went on to say they were going to do something noteworthy with the site... guess what! Were getting a lidl!

Oh, this other "irrelavent" building is also going, for the car park ffs


3 cheers for Nuneaton Council, you have done it again!