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Report - co-operative Hall, Nuneaton

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The Co-opeartive hall is one of Nuneaton's finest buildings. It was built in the 30's in a bold art deco design. At it's time of opening it was decorated with strips of neon, the first building in Nuneaton to do so.

The 60's saw a huge influx of stars performing at the hall, including the Beatles, the Hollies and the Who. When the Rolling Stones performed in 1963, they were pelted with cream cakes by a gang of youths!

Tragedy struck on new years eve 1966. Most of the croud were upstairs, and at midnight old lang sign began to play downstairs. There was a crush on the stairs, killing 3 people. One poor fella fell over and ended up with stilletto through their neck:eek:

The old place never really recovered after that. The downstairs became Kwik Save and the upper floor was converted to 'the old hall', which did banqueting and live bands etc. That shut years ago, leaving the building to get very tatty.

I am really really gutted that they are pulling this one down... Nuneaton has so few buildings left of merit, to loose one with so much history is a real blow. I am just about loosing all interest in the town tbh... In Coventry a very similar building is still thriving as the 'Kasbah', and is an epic night out. I have always hoped that the Co-op would get the same treatment... due to the short sighted wankers on Nun's council, we'll be left wilt more boxy flats :(

The stage has already gone, leaving a nice big entry point.

Pic I took in 2004, the very beginning of my photography career!

Old fag packet wrappers

Art Deco pillar in the kwik save part of the building






Velvet wallpaper


View attachment 119590

Some of the few remaining seats in the circle.

Ancient hoover
View attachment 119592

Nice 1960's ceiling above a later ceiling


'The' sairs
View attachment 119595

'John and Paul'!
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Re: CO-OPerative Hall, Nuneaton REPORT

The Co-op shut it in the 70's I think. It re-opened as 'the old hall' upstairs but that shut in the mid 90's. It was during this time the circle was boarded off. Kwik save had the bottom for a long time, but that closed last year.


Re: co-operative Hall, Nuneaton REPORT

Think I have got the hang of it - Are there any reports the Ritz Cinema or the Weddington Hotel (The Grove) that are a matter of minutes away from the hall?






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Re: co-operative Hall, Nuneaton REPORT

Managed to dig out an old photo, although it does not show that much. On the 1st Jan 1966, after the tragedy. Nice lettering in the tiles that has been hidden for my whole lifetime.



Re: co-operative Hall, Nuneaton REPORT

I'm afraid the frontage is being chopped away this Friday morning 21st November in the Autumn sun. What a great Art Deco corner frontage and what a waste now! Best and only Art Deco Corner Frontage of this type and style in Nuneaton. I hope Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council are holding their heads bowed in shame at not Locally Listing this impressive building before the contractor knocked on the Town Hall door with a request to demolish!

A newspaper letter described the loss as "Corporate Vandalism", yes, but the council not Locally Listing the building when they had chance was the problem, before the letter arrived (the pen is mightier than the sword comes to mind).

Other towns have these buildings Listed, some apparently are listed just to save the frontage when redevelopment happens. When you look closely at the Co-op Hall, Queens Road, there is a lot of decorated pattern tiles and cream banding. The Frontages are so impressive at how they draw the eye to the central corner, which is a most impressive corner and topped with a typical Art Deco feature which is still protruding above the green netting!

Even the picture of the old porch with sign posted on this thread has decorated tile detail around the lettering.