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Report - - Cold Overton ROC post - Leicestershire Group -28/1/07 | ROC Posts |

Report - Cold Overton ROC post - Leicestershire Group -28/1/07

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Mr Sam

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Well after doing a few searches on the board i noticed Dweeb had been down Cold Overton post and it looked a really good one, i knew id heard of the place but couldnt rember where.........only driven through the village several hundred times :crazy

found it within minutes i half knew where to look as i rember seeing concrete structures before hadnt a clue what they were so never payed much attention.

as i got out my car the wind was howling i could here a very strange very errie noise looked above thinking thats a strange noise for a plane to be making casually ignored it and approached, it was the gate to the field howling in the wind like a set of pan pipe :gay

turned round and got my camo jacket out the car then hopped the gate my exitment immediatly deadened to find the top of the vent had been nocked off and the lid was firmly padlocked........ive now been informed the locks have been cut so just twist open but look the part, they fooled me :crazy

anyway ill be making a return visit later on today or this coming saturday to hopefully gain access so check back for interior pictures.


from the gateway, thats how close it is to the road


tops been nocked off, ive half a mind to take a bag of cement and some sand down and do some repairs, i can only imagine the farmer catching me :D



the locks looked pretty secure to me although i didnt go fidling with them

Dweeb's Report from last june, juding by these pics and the ones on sub brit its one of the best preserved around, certainly in leicestershire. gradually over time im going to try and get round all the Leicestershire posts
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Mr Sam

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28DL Full Member
Re: Cold Overton ROC post - Leicestershire 28/1/07 visit 1

well i went into melton for something and popped into the country store......1million candle light spotlamps £9.99 hmmm :D

so i drove over to overton jumped the fence had a closer look to find that the hasps had indeed been cut opened the lock and the hatch lifted :thumb

i was talking to a mate the other night and he mentioned leaving it open 10 mins before entering let the stale air out (he's in the merchant navy apparently this has happened all to many times someone entering and area of stale air and literally suffocate.

so i filled my pockets mini trorch camera etc and carried my ne purchase down the ladder,its only when your decinding the ladder you realise the big'mind your head and back' sign is there for a reason, jumped off the ladder a few rungs from the ground with a big clunk as i hit the metal grate looking into the darkness i had no idea they were this small.

its not totally intact but alot of the paper work has been preserved in plastic wallets, well done dweeb :thumb took a quick look round with my small torch then took some pictures.

kept hearing cars go by and at one point i heard a voice so i decided to leave before someone closed the lid :eek: popped the top then couldnt get the lid down, most embarasing with cars going by eventually i worked out you had to lift part of the mechanism and i gentally closes :)






something tells me this wont be my last visit to Cold Overton

Mr Sam

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Re: Cold Overton ROC post - Leicestershire 28/1/07 visit 1

there all pretty much the same

made a return visit today as ive got myself a half decent camera however my entrance tools werent up to the job :crazy


bit of a failed afternoon really as i didnt find anywhere else half decent to explore :(

Mr Sam

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Re: Cold Overton ROC post - Leicestershire 28/1/07 visit 1

save starting a new thread i popped back down here at dusk nothing different inside i lifted the cap stone back onto the vent shaft save rain getting in might try get in touch with the land owner just get thier permission to cement it in place








whats this? i thought the bit on the right was a bike stand but obviously not

oh yeah theres an aeriel cable hanging down it looks like the fitting on the end would fit my CB radio in the car, tempted to take it down and a small 12v battery

did posts have CB radio's?
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Mr Sam

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Re: Cold Overton ROC post - Leicestershire 28/1/07 visit 1

cool thanks for that there is a small plastic case (like a drill box)would this of originally goused the radioset) im still tempted to hook a CB upto it see what signal it gets.......although no aeriel :rolleyes:


looked a bit small for the radio or were they just handheld type things


the pump? i thought these were to pump water out from under the grate