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Report - - Colossus of the South - 25/07/07 | UK Draining Forum |

Report - Colossus of the South - 25/07/07

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Visited here with Loops

Our main plan was to meet littleelvis at 12 as he was currently recording but we got down a little to early so as we had time to spare we decided a quick revisit to C.O.T.S was in order.

Not much has changed except the lights had finally been turned off and the hoses were gone.

Once in we headed straight for Eddies vortex. After a bit of walking having a brief tour of the upper sections and "tour" route we entered the main chamber and round to the plughole.

It still amazes me every time i see this thing and each time i step a little closer to the edge to see how far i can see down.... We wanted to see if we could reach the platform above the hole and take photos down but unfortunately there is no way from the system up there so we had to settle for taking pictures on the ground.

We spent 30 minutes in here before heading back to the main chamber to try and photograph that. After a bit of trying and torch dropping we headed back up into the brick tunnels.

Its a bit of a shame that southern water run tours down here as in almost all the passageways and main chambers they have painted over the brickwork with sloppy white paint so it takes away a bit of the age to the place.

We took a few more pictures and then headed back up to meet Elvis.

The plughole aka Eddies Vortex


and again


and again


and again


main chamber