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Report - - Communications Tower, Kos Island (Trip), 9th July 2018 | High Stuff |

Report - Communications Tower, Kos Island (Trip), 9th July 2018

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Communications Tower, Kos Island (Trip), 9th July 2018

Hello again,

So this climb was in another county (Kos, to be exact) but I though some might enjoy it so I'll give it a report anyway. So me and my friend hired some scooters in town and headed up to the towers on the hill which we had been talking about since we spotted them when we arrived. We parked the scooters in some nearby trees and began the walk towards the base of the towers. The area was kinda damaged with satellite dishes on the floor (fallen off the towers) and most barbed wire was cut. We climbed the fence at the base of the tallest tower and found that the ladder cover had been forced open. We then began the climb up the central ladder which went all the way to the top of the tower. We stopped to take pictures and rest at various points and eventually got to the top. The pictures below show the view we got which is basically of the whole island. Overall it was a successful climb with some insane views. Below are the photos and GoPro footage of the climb. Enjoy!

IMG_0291 1.JPG

Thanks for reading!