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Report - Corby Steelworks ARP Control Centre, Jan 2010


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Visited with MD and losttom, thanks to losttom for showing us round :thumb Also saw a few other people exploring, at least one is a member on here, so hello :) History from subbrit...

An underground ARP control centre for the workforce of Stewarts and Lloyds Minerals Steelworks at Corby was opened around 1940. The entrance tunnel was wide enough to accommodate the ARP ambulance which was kept in the tunnels; a turntable for it was provided in the centre of the complex. The control centre comprised a small network of rooms including a first aid post, stand-by generator, ventilation plant, radio room and telephone exchange. After the war the control centre closed but was reactivated in about 1951 as a civil defence headquarters for Stewarts and Lloyds who had a large civil defence team. The centre also acted as a sub-divisional control in the Northamptonshire county civil defence scheme until 1957. In 1959 it became an industrial sector post under the county scheme and remained in use until 1968 when the sector scheme was abolished and civil defence at Stewarts and Lloyds was wound up. After 1968 the tunnels were used for many years by British Steel as an extension to their research and development facilities.








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nice work lads i forgot to get a picture of the geiger counter so glad you got one,glad you had a good day.hope you all good dave


Well i think it's safe to say that if this place is radioactive...its a bit late for most of us! curiosity trumps caution with places like this i think!! :crazy