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Report - - Corby Steelworks Emergency Control Bunker 23/02/08 | Underground Sites |

Report - Corby Steelworks Emergency Control Bunker 23/02/08

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Hey everyone

Visited this site with my brother, and aamusements

We were originally just looking for the 'Corby Nuclear Bunker'. We found this (although it appears it was never intended to defend against nuclear attack, and never had nuclear testing ongoing inside).
We also found a strangely designed military-style building right next to it, which may or may not be related to the bunker. Nobody has documented this building yet, so I will today..

For more info and great pics on the bunker itself, go here:
ARP Control Centre Stewarts and Lloyds Steelworks Corby – Subterranea Britannica

I'd like to begin by saying I am sorry for the quality of some of the pics.. All I had was my phone, and no tripod. Saying that, theyre not too bad.

The only remaining entrance (secondary entrance) is heavily overgrown, and theres no chance you could spot it from google earth. It was difficult enough to find it from the ground. It has a huge tree growing above it.


As we got closer, we could tell that the gate had been replaced since the last visit:


Unfortunately, a closer look revealed that the gate was of solid design, and welded onto lugs on the inside of the wall. They don't ever want anyone getting in again.


They stood up the old 'Danger Radioactivity' signs behind the gate.. I don't believe there's any truth in them, I think they're just a scare tactic.


Also, not too far away, there was an old CCTV camera mount (It had since fallen down and camera removed. Heres the control box for it:


The bunker entrance was built to accomodate a vehicle, and as such, there is a road leading to the complex from the dual carriageway (although way too overgrown by now)

And now, onto the very strange building next to the bunker (within 20 feet of it)


There are quite a few things that make this building very strange.

aamusements spotted a ladder and wasted no time climbing it...


I joined him at the top, and we found a small room on the roof, which would have housed a water tank


And when we came back down, it appeared that one of the upper floors had semi collapsed. However, on closer inspection it looks like it was purposely built that way:


The original walkway floors, and internal stairway were completely removed, just leaving the strange angled floor, which seemed to lead to an open brick window
Another pic showing the bottom floor, with actual flooring removed:


We also noticed that one of the windows was completely surrounded by piping, which had small holes in it. What could they possibly want to spray around a window frame?


Heres another look at the slanted floor, through the 'outlet' window:


And a final view of the front of the building:


There were also an internal toilet and shower room, and an external toilet as well. I didn't get a chance to take pictures of these, but I'm sure aamusements can fill us in :)

So, anyone have any ideas what this building was? I hear people guessing it may be a pump house, but it's very strangely built for that.

Hope you enjoyed



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28DL Full Member
Re: Corby Steelworks Emergency Control Bunker - REPORT 23/02/08

Had a look at the Subbrit site, there is mention in the report of storeage in the floor for cylindrical objects.


Based on OT's mention of radiology I suspect that the area may have been used for X-ray of pipe welds or something similar.
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