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Report - Corporation Public Swimming Baths, Crewe - April 2016


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If I am completely honest I was not planning to post this one until after the pool was either converted or demolished, the reason being this building is quite close to my heart. Not only is this the pool where I learnt to swim, I also have many happy memories with family and friends that took place within these walls. But seeing as the place has now been trashed by the local youth there isn't really much that can be saved with this beautiful old building. Not to mention several reports have appeared on here and one poor quality You Tube video that sent the locals crazy.

As you can probably tell from the photos I didn't wait around before getting this one in, at the time of this visit the pool had been closed less than a week and if memory serves me right the replacement pool was in the final stages of opening elsewhere in the town. Getting in turned out to be an interesting experience, but it definitely paid off the place was immaculate and still looked as though it could open that very next day. The deep end of the pool still had a small amount of water left in it and not a ounce of vandalism in sight.

[1] - External taken just before closure.​

The Crewe Corporation Public Swimming Baths opened on Saturday 6th November 1937 by the then Mayor of Crewe Frank Bott, M.B.E. The baths was constructed to replace the recently closed baths located on Mill Street which were owned by the London Midland and Scottish Railway Company. The bath hall contains two swimming pools, these were the learners’ bath which was located at the east end of the hall. And to the west was the main bath with a maximum depth of 9 ft that was designed to be used as a diving pit. The bath hall is also home to a stunning art deco roof that is constructed from a mixture of last concrete and sky lights, also overlooking the main pool is a viewing gallery that can be accessed from two staircases located in the main foyer of the building.

The main contractor for the construction of the baths was Messrs. F. Taylor and Co., Ltd., of Littleborough, who had been employed by the then Crewe Municipal Corporation. The building was constructed near to the bank of the River Waldron (known locally as the Valley Brook) and is split over several different floors. Due to the nature of the terrain the south side of the building has its basement wall exposed, where as on the north side of the building it is completely underground.

[2] - The Main Pool drained for the last time only days before.



[5] - Bradford & Co. Drying Racks located in the basement of the building.

[6] - Two of the four Filters for the Main Pool.

[7] - Boiler House, located at the back of the building.





Cheers For Looking​
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i try and make them more documentary style, rather than a vloggy kinda ting
Now that type of video is much better, stuff like messing around on that office chair makes us all look like a bunch of kids. Which I'm sure you weren't trying to do.

But well done on making the paper, it sent a lot of people round the twist in Crewe. hahaha


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Good stuff m8ty m8ty. Looks lovey in there . Some nice pics you grabbed.

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