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Report - Coryton Oil Refinery, April 2016


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The Coryton Fuel Oil Refinery was built in 1953 by the Vacuum Oil Company and is situated on the Essex coast on the Thames Estuary. It was jointly run by BP and Mobil until in 1996 when BP took sole ownership. In 2007 it was transferred to Petroplus Holdings.

Major products included petrol and diesel, fuel oils, bitumen and aviation fuels. The refining capacity was 22,000 barrels per day. Most products were distributed in the south east UK.
Petroplus filed for bankruptcy in 2012 and production ceased in June of that year. In February 2013 the gas supply was shut off ending 60 years of operations here at Coryton.

So after a tip off from that lovely chap @The_Raw, one fine sunny morning @obscurity, urbanginger and I decided to go have a look - the power station being the main goal of the day, opened in 2002 and producing 73 MW of gas fired power. After negotiating the access it seemed a little quiet. Great. Off we went in search of the power station building.









Saw one car go past while inside but all was chilled and we got a few shots before heading up to the roof for a smoke and food break and to check the site out.





Few other things as we made our way out, having to hide from the odd security patrols :)



@obscurity eyeing up the prize, I gave that one a miss after only making it halfway up :gay


After they got their shots up there we made a sneaky escape, got coffee and went home! Good day out that was :cool:



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Still haven't been back here during the day after @slayaaaa and I made our first visit at night and still haven't seen the pesky power station!

Nice set of photos you got there. :)


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Nice shots there, wonder how much is left of this place 6 months on?
About month or 2 ago they just started demolition of the power station just stripping it is think. Other than that most of the pipes were gone and the gas tower was still up but slowly coming down. Still got loads to do there though as it's a big site :)
Might as well be in public now, I think I tried to start a thread a while ago but obviously mods are busy and that. :)


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Nice photos and report :-)
Was a good trip. Cant forget our best music statues impression as we got to the gate on the way out :thumb