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Report - Couvre Porte Reservoir - Chatham, Kent - November 2016


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Hi Guys! Dad and I explored this one last week, and my god did we find something cool.
We had gone there to explore the reservoir, which is already fairly well documented (so I don't need to put many pics on here), but whilst down in one of the ditches nearby, we came across a blocked off tunnel entrance.


We had a quick look through the grate, got pissed that we couldn't get in, and carried on down the ditch.
That's where we came across another, unbarred entrance!


We made our way in to this tunnel, and found a straight path which led to a sprial staircase (the stairs had been filled in with dirt).



Once we had clambered up the sprial stair(dirt)case, we found some timber layed across, blocking us off from going any further (sorry about the quality of some of these pics).


Underneath the staircase was what looked like another area, but this was almost completely filled in.


We returned to the surface, and were relieved to be in the brisk November chill again.
Full albums (including the reservoir) can be found here:


Thanks for reading!

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