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Report - - Cranleigh Brick and Tile Works Sussex July 2013 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Cranleigh Brick and Tile Works Sussex July 2013

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Jane Doe

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
. The site has a long and chequered history from clay production in the early part of the 20th century; during WW1 the site was a munitions store; between 1937 and 1989 it was used for a range of chemical manufacturing processes; between 1990 and 2004 the site reverted to a brickworks with clays sourced locally on site.
Since 2004 there has been no industrial activity with the redundant infrastructure falling into significant disrepair.

The chemical activity at the site was less controlled than required by modern standards and as a result practices took place with little or no regard to the environment and human health. The surface of the site is contaminated with hazardous fibres through previous manufacturing processes and building materials. It has been generating significant quantities of heavily polluted leachate through chemical contamination within the ground which runs out during rainfall polluting the local watercourses (Collins Brook and Cranleigh Waters). As a consequence the site was determined as contaminated land and listed as Special Site no. 1 in 2000. Unfortunatly all the machinery had been removed ,and the most interesting bit was one of the wooden buildings which contained some lab equipment . Visited with Stealth














Jane Doe

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
This was once litterally a 2 mins walk from me nice to see a few photos to jog my memory of it
I think they eventually got planning pemission to build 19 new houses and create a mini nature reserve on the land ... they had to cap the land as it was so badly contaminated ... dont think i would want to live there lol


28DL Member
28DL Member
Is this on the downs link close to Baynards Station or Am I confusing with a similar location?