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Report - Crashed Bomber- U/E or Not ?

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Hi Guys,

I couldn't decide whether you'd class this as Urbex or not, so thought I'd post it anyway, see what you think.

After a two hour trek across rough terrain we visited the crash site of an American B-29 bomber. It crashed in 1948 on route to Burtonwood airbase, killing all 13 on board.

Amazingly there's wreckage still scattered over a wide area, although most of it has sunk into the ground and been washed away over the years.

Still on the surface is the main and nose undercarriage, a wing, all four engines, radiators fuel tanks and a gun turret, not to mention thousands of peices we couldn't identify.


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Re: Crashed Bomber - REPORT - U/E or Not ?

That's the one.
In fact the whole area is sprawling with wrecks, some big some small.

Here's a few pics of some of the other wrecks, sorry I couldn't resist. :)


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As you can see this one crashed with the landing gear still retractd into the wing.

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Some of them are quite large and include wing, engines, fuel tanks, there is even RAF markings left on some of them.

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Re: Crashed Bomber - REPORT - U/E or Not ?

A lot of wreckages were also recovered as the remaining materials could be reused on new aircraft. Sounds a tad sick possibly but war calls for desperate measures !

I had a look at this yesterday

Forgive me if im wrong in 1948 we were not at war !!
1948-11-03|RB-29A|44-61999|91st RG, USAF|Higher Shelf Stones, Bleaklow
For a little bit of light reading on this subject...
Ghost Planes of the Peak District Derbyshire
Do have a wonder up it is well worth the slog..

RAF Millom

Re: Crashed Bomber - REPORT - U/E or Not ?

Were would this be, civilian aircraft are not covered by this act. If in dunes or marsh land the site is probably protected.

The MOD take this act very seriously and do prosecute offenders.

Licences will only be issued after submitting details (serial number must be known) of the aircraft involved and the crew have a known grave and is free from explosives.

German aircraft are also covered by the act as they are deemed to be captured and belong to the Crown, American aircraft are covered by the same act as the MOD act as agents for the US.

Aircraft at sea are not covered by this act but are covered by another one to do with all types wrecks out at sea.

After recovery a return is sumbitted to the MOD who can claim anything back of an historical intrest without paying compensation, an area that is causing much concern bearing in mind that these aircraft were struck of charge at the time, therefore the AM had no further intrest.

The amount of clean up depending upon the sgt in charge of the crash party and if bodies were involved, some very remote sites have been total cleared, some easy to reach sites were virtualy untouched.

This was an accesable site at the time and look what we found, got hundreds more photos of this one. Team.htm

and see the following for more

Peak District Air Accident Research

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