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Report - Crumlin Navigation Colliery - South Wales - May 2010


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We stumbled across this place on the way from Talgarth to Penallta.

Dweeb seemed to recognise it but neither of us really had much idea about what was attulay there. After a bit of poking about we managed to find the remains of two headstocks on top of the hill, each with winding houses that seemed to be in use as pikey lares. The best bit however was at the bottom of the hill. A mint tiled engine house connected to two huge fans that would have ventilated the mine. The fans were massive, about two stories high and the brick airways were as good as the mintest sewer junctions you have ever seen! It was proper sketchy inside, the airways were part flooded and there was a massivly strong smell of stink damp (eggy = hydrogen sulphide i belive!) so we didnt try to progress to far in.

There was a few other buildings but they were pretty much just ruins, I only got a few snapshots in general but ive not seen anything from here before so got to be worth a thread. If anyone has any info about the place let us know!






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