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Report - Crypt Drain

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Sunday was a very good day for draining for myself and loops. Although it was a foot killer of walking above and below ground due to the trains being screwed it was well worth it.

Our first target drew a bust due to being covered by the largest split manhole ive ever seen, so we continued on to target number two.

In technical terms this is the "Frogmore Storm Relief" with the larger pipe being the "Putney Extension"

After walking 20 minutes we finally got to our entrance. We sat down to kit up and heard a extremely loud rushing sound. At first i though nothing of it as we were on a bank it could just be a stair junction. We kitted up and headed down.

We entered into a large chamber with three sections of different reliefs and sewers connecting into each other. Divided by a central channel with large arches going over it. The loud rushing sound was two falls either side allowing the water to fall into the relief then down into a probable shaft or pit at the end.

At either end of the relief the pipes converged into egg shapes pipes like in the Westbourne. With the Putney Extension being bigger at about 8ft tall.

We snapped up the crypt junction then headed up the Putney. This proved alot harder then expected as unlike in the Westbourne the egg pipe had a very sharp bottom with only 1 brick being level. We had to pigeon step it one foot after another. We walked for 5 minutes and gave up as i had almost gone over several times, Camera in hand.

We headed back to the junction marveled once more then headed up and out.