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Report - Cwm Coke Works - August 2016


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Being finally able to access some photos from last year that I never got to put into a report, I thought there is no time like the present, the first report is XTheRoseRedX and my visit to Cwm Coke Works.
Although there are lots of reports on this site, I'm putting it up purely for our determination to see it in the pouring rain and my loss of dignity sliding under a metal gate through a big puddle.

On our first visit which was successful there was no sign of any life apart from ourselves and the animated sounds of the creaking structures.
Our second visit we were stopped before we'd even got in by a polite security guard and a big fluffy dog.
Cwm Coke Works History

'There was originally a colliery named "Cwm Colliery" at this site in Beddau, just south of Pontypridd in Rhondda Cynon Taf, that was sunk in 1909.
No coal was actually extracted until 1914, however, and then it came from two shafts, Margaret and Mildred which were over 750 yards deep.
In 1928 the colliery was taken over by Powell Duffryn Associated Colleries Limited, and at this point it employed over 1000 men.
It operated under their name until 1948 when the National Coal Board (NCB) was established to manage the nationalised coal industry in the UK.
The NCB updated the colliery in a massive £9 million redevelopment between 1952 and 1960.
This included connection Cwm (pronounced "Coomb") to Coedely Tonyrefail, and of course building a massive Cokeworks, Cwm Coke.

In the 70s, the cokeworks alone employed 1,500 men and produced some 515,000 tonnes of coke each year. It continued to do so until 1986, when the NCB was privatised.
The colliery ceased production at this point, but the cokeworks were bought buy CPL Industries and continued producing coke right up until 2002.
It would have remained open had it not been for the fact it was extremely outdated, in desparete need of modernisation and no one was willing to invest in new technologies.'
Information quoted from another report










More photos of Cwm Coke, can be found on my Flickr page.
The photos from here never quite turned out as interesting as I had hoped, but I think that's mainly from trying not to kill my camera which is definitely not waterproof.


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