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Report - D & H Mallalieu Ltd, Bailey Mills

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Many many people have explored Bailey mill in Delph. The mill is a fine stone built building constructed in 1863 with later additions. The mill boasts a handsome stone chinmey, which was later heightned in brick. This makes it look unique and quite odd! At one time the mill had it's own arm of the LNER railway, which has since been built on.

The mill itself is a good explore, as it has remained unchanged for decades, and is still fitted with a combing machine on the upper floor. This seems to be a mish mash of machinery, as many parts are made by different firms, and there are several dates on components. Wicker Skeps, bobbins and shuttles are scattered everywhere.

What really interested me was the mill's offices, which are rammed full of mallalieu family history. The mill had been in the hands of the Mallalieu family from the 1860's until it's closure in 1999. The offices were a mess, but documents, ledgers, letters and all sorts of ephemera from the weaving trade were scattered about. Upstairs were a young Mallalieu's textile college notes, along with his collection of 1950's Man City footy programmes! Boxes and boxes of victorian books on weaving were stacked on the shelves, each packed with loom, shuttle and bobbin advertisments

So yet another one, rammed full of it's history and just left to rot. What suprised me was even photos of old mill owners had been left to get wet and ruined, surley the family would have liked to keep these?!

Mill and chimney

Possibly the most awesome hand dryer in the world...
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The tower was climbable, but it envolved pulling the same rubbish ladder up after every floor. Here Turk begins to lower it to the next level.
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Tired thieves get busted, after a night in vein safe breaking!!
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Footy programmes.
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Nice acid etched window.
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The mill in it's glory days
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Ornate insurance policy.
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This was awesome. Printed on a boat to commemerate the opening of the manchester shipping canal!:eek:
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Textile college notes. Obv you had to work to get the family buisness, it was not just handed to you. Some of the maths in that book made me sweat!
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More ornate letterheads
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One of the mill owners. This had been left to get wet and ruined.
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And finally... check out the artistic licence!! Look at the size of the people on the left of the building! The door was quite big but it was not 4 stories high ffs!! The door is so big that they could have installed a horse flap!
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Re: D & H Mallalieu Ltd, Bailey Mills NEW AND UNSEEN was awesome explore..

Some of mine...











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