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28DL and UE in the News Darlington stadium in the northern echo

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OK look at it this way - would you rather it was harmless urbexers who found the serious lack of security, or a gang of pikeys willing to rip the place up?
I understand that. I'm just saying that a.) it was bad timing (although, yes it was good timing from a exploring point of view), and b.) if it was to highlight the security issues, then it wouldn't be advertised on a public forum, he would of said to someone involved with Darlington FC if it was as much as a concern as he's trying to make out.

Like I said, all the negative attention would of been avoided if the reports were put up after Darlington FC's troubles had been resolved. Because it hasn't done them or our community any favors.

That is all :)


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and parkus, don't be a dick. It's no different to any other explore. They left it open, we went in. Simple as.


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The other way of looking at it is the reports highlighted serious security failings so now (hopefully) they've been addressed to stop the undesirables getting in as easy as bigjobs et al did
I agree with Mooks :D
at least they may now remember to lock the gates :rolleyes:


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So the reason for the explore was to "highlight the security issues"? Lol. No it wasn't. Get off your high horse and stop sucking yourself off, yes it was cool and impressive but trying to justify it like that is as transparent as the windows in my house.
Charming. Of course we didn´t visit to highlight security issues. No, I like it up here on my horse.

It's no different to any other explore. They left it open, we went in. Simple as.
Precisely. It was more of an entertaining visit than anything.


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Actual LOL, it's a football ground ffs, the lads went for a kick about so what, as for bad timing maybe, but when is there a good time for anything these days?

Might I suggest you drop the ball now as tbh it's old news and getting somewhat tedious now


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Darlington MP Jenny Chapman said: “I think we need to identify these people and see if we can persuade them to buy some shares in Darlington FC 1883.
Fancy shares in the club then guys lol lol We could use the stadium for our next meet :)
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