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Report - Day Of Drains, Manchester 23/04/2009


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Having been out of touch with the outside world for some time, j3bu kindly dragged me out of my house and into some smelly holes. On the cards for the day were Sidedraught Induction, The Works, Processor and a mysterious one which, for 6 months, was named "Jay's Culvert" as I found it on Google Maps and at the time didn't know it was Supercharger.

Headed straight to Gorton for Supercharger and it was long, straight and boring, except for a strange bit of wood in the middle of it. I imagine one of the more knowledgable members will be able to shed some light on it. There were some excellent ducks quacking away and divebombing themselves outside the 2nd culvert, but sadly no pics.






Lovely bricks:

Then it was a quick walk through the park up to Sidedraught Induction. I wasn't a particularly big fan of this one due to the poo-ey smell and the outrageous amount of particles in the air. I do have a certain taste for poo smells now though. My camera couldn't/wouldn't autofocus in the dark and my torch had mysteriously died (only to resurrect itself later on in the works, precisely at the moment that j3bu's torch had died) so I only got one shit photo, out of focus and 'ruined' by j3bu walking in front of it:


On the way out of here we managed to see a lovely little baby rat swim its way across the water and hop along the wall. We chased it like big children, splashing away in the debris.

After a brilliant ASDA lunch was The Works, which from the pictures I had seen I was looking forwards to. Lovely, lovely brick. I loved how seemingly over-engineered it was, with ornate brick and stone when something more crude would have sufficed. There were far too many flies in here for my liking.




And that's it! Lovely day out. A return trip is needed to The Works as j3bu managed to pop his waders. As a result of this we didn't do Processor, but that will wait for another time.




Fantastic pictures.....
well done for bringing those drains to life !


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
j3bu had a bit of a look up the pipe, couldn't be bothered looking myself though! From what I've been told past the gates is horrendously slippery.

Thanks for the comments chaps & chapettes.


Do. Find. Drains.
28DL Full Member
Nice pics. When the summer flies come out to play, it's time to put the head torch away. ...or something

Yeah, we moved the penstock, but it looks like it'd take absolutely ages to lower it to any significant level, then even if it did seal the tunnel enough to overflow, you'd have to wait a long time...then raise it again before you left lol :)


Do. Find. Drains.
28DL Full Member
Whats the deal with hulme flume then? Really wana see that beast. Are the flows mega?

Haha, thats pretty dodge about the penstock falling off! Im doing the tunnel that leads off behind the penstock soon, and yeah it is one slippy arse piece of work.

Going to lay a line down from inside the works, hopefully be able to keep hold and not do a mission to the 8foot outfall pipe. :S
Feel free, but it's a very long, slippery, debris-filled stoop that eventually goes past wader breach just before the outfall lol. Not recommended unless you have chesties and really really really want to be the first person to get right to the end :p


Do. Find. Drains.
28DL Full Member
There used to be a sewer that dumped straight into inhospitable upstream of the works chamber, which is why it originally got given that name The main chamber used to be disgusting and stink of shit. They fixed it about a year ago, but there might be one still pouring in just before the outfall.


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
The main chamber of The Works was fine when we went. If there is any sewage flowing out it'll be before the outfall as Mike said.


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Here's a few more of Supercharger from the archive, from back in October on a return trip. Nothing new, but may as well post them up!





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