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Report - deep freeze - rooftopping in a blizzard, Denver, USA


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Last weekend, a large, deep low pressure system set up shop right over the Oklahoma panhandle. This particular weather arrangement usually results in massive snowfalls for eastern Colorado- a low in that position will almost certainly drag huge amounts of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico and, due to its anticlockwise spin, proceed to throw all of that moisture against the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains - my backyard. When this moist air gets there, the only way to go is up - and as all this air gets pushed up against the mountains, it starts to snow across the Denver area. A lot.

With straight Blizzard Warnings out for the city, I decided the best course of action would be to get high...so I caught a train to the city (trains > cars in 8" of snow) and headed upwards.






After the high stuff ran out (a crew was servicing an HVAC unit on one of my favourite rooftops!), I sought some shorter rooftops near the Mall.



By the time this storm moved on 48 hours later, it had dropped 17 inches of snow - in the heart of the city...points north recorded up to 53 inches! As I write this, there's still 8 inches slowly melting in my backyard. Sometimes, it snows in Denver...a lot.