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Report - Denbigh Lunatic Asylum - 27th April 2011


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First report on here so be gentle...

I know there are loads of Denbigh reports and most of the pictures i've added here have been done before but hey, you gotta start somewhere!

Elwyn and his courage were looking for us but he didn't find us...his courage was barking like mad though...i was worried if he did find us that he'd go for my girlfriend but he gave up and left.

We were lucky i guess because we didn't know anything about him until after we'd been and we decided to go on a whim and just casually walked around like we owned the place!

The worst thing is, we didn't know much about the building so we missed the morgue and chapel as well as a few other parts mainly due to me being with my girlfriend, i was willing to walk on sagging floors but not fair to drag her around places she didn't wanna go!

I took about 300 pictures but as most have been very well documented by the talented folk on here before i decided to just add a few here.

The Wheelchair

The Skylights

The Explorer

The Darkness

The Toilet Was...