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Report - Desborough Airfield WW2 Airmen/aircrew Billets....


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OK, so this is the first thing i've tried posting up other than just replies to other threads and basic questions kinda stuff, so bear with me, this wasnt supposed to be an explore, just found ourselves here and spotted some interesting bits, therefore its all camera phone and didnt get into too much of the place. So, some history of what this place actually is/was....

Wellington Bombers were flown from No. 84 OTU at RAF Desborough(OTU=Operational training squadron) then after 11/45 the US used it for similar operational training purposes.

I have a plan i found of the place as it was just after the war......


How the runway looks today....

Basically a short distance from the runway and operations buildings (or whats left of them) are some hangars used by a local farm which were once the sleeping/living quarters of the air crew and pilots at the base, looks like most of them have been converted to storage and are locked up tight, didnt disturb these ones. The little block in the middle was open and appears to have been a toilet block, forgot to get pic inside it though.

Managed to acces the inside of one which wasnt actually locked....

Without showing anything that was inside, as it was obviously somones belongings being stored in there, they basically had old electric points and lighting in and a concrete baisin thing with remnants of water pipes to it, washing facilities presumably. The most interesting bits were these pencil or maybe charcoal drawings on the walls, presumably done by the airmen away from home...


Had a bit of a mooch round and found some air raid shelters, locked up tight though....


So there you have it, i expect this to end in the fail bin as it was unplanned and poorly photo'd. But you have to start with your first report somewhere :thumb


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