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Report - - Detached Bastion - 04/11/07 | Military Sites |

Report - Detached Bastion - 04/11/07

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too old to be reckless
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Last stop on the Kent tour for Minty447, CitadelMonkey and I was Detached Bastion; part of the Western Heights defences in Dover. Built in the 18th Century it would have been used to defend against invading French forces (except they never made it this far).

It has been done before but was made special for me on entry (and every few seconds afterwards) by Mr Monkey saying "There are some damn big cave spiders in here" and "ooooh look egg sacs". Cheers mate :crazy

Very dodgy looking drawbridge (not as dodgy as the other one)

Beyond the drawbridge

Blocked exit

Various corridors


Be very careful on the first floor if you go here. Dodgy slate floors give way with no warning.

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