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Report - - Deva 13/04/08 | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - Deva 13/04/08

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Visited with Mykal, Brickers, Waspy and Shepy

Well on my quest to visit all of the UK's best asylums, Deva was next on my list. Sooooo I got a small troop of NE-er's together and organised a road trip!

The planning all went well but the doing didnt go quite so well. The plan was to all crash at Sir Mykals on the Saturday night and head down at 5am. Well I finished work at 2am and my car decided to break down about 2:30am.

After kicking my car for a while and eventually waking the lads up with frantic phone calls, I got picked up, a few hours kip later we set off a little later than expected at 6:30am.

Unfortunately our guide had had to pull out due to car problems (cars are evil) so we had some access destructions to read before setting off. Only the site was down. So with no guide and no destructions we headed off anyway! Silly? Maybe. Determined? Definitely.

The one thing we did have was a postcode (ta Lisa) so we managed to find the site and the best parking spot and on we went. I got caked in mud within about 30 seconds of arriving on site which kind of set the tone for the rest of the day really!

Mykal had briefly read the destructions before and remembered a few clues as to our access, which we found, but it had been freshly breeze-blocked up.

You'd think we'd have thought "oh sod it" by now but we kept going. This place is pretty damn well secured though.The first building we came too seemed impossible so we moved onto the next.

Eventually we determined that the only way in was UP, not a problem for most of the group but my climbing skills leave alot to be desired. Eventually it was a case of get the hell on with it or sit outside and wait. So I got on with it....

Deva's best point - the curtains and wallpapers. Absolutely mouthwatering for pattern perverts such as myself :gay

Deva's worst point - the most spidery asylum I've been in yet! :(

We couldn't find what we wanted to see which was the art room aka the hazard room, so we will be going back at some point. That other building needs a looking at.






Full set here: Exploration/Deva Asylum/

Deva was nice but don't think it quite lived up to the hype in my head. Maybes its just cos we didnt get to see it all, or cos all the good stuff was in the other building! Who knows, were definitely goin back at some point though.

Either way it was a classic road trip with Brickers one liners and Waspys ninja climbing skills amazing us all :D

Now on with planning the London road trip!
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