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Report - - Devonport Dockyard Deep Shelter/The Cann Tunnel, Plymouth | Underground Sites |

Report - Devonport Dockyard Deep Shelter/The Cann Tunnel, Plymouth

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Kernow Expeditionary Force

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
The Cann tunnel was built in the early 1820’s as part of the Plymouth & Dartmoor railway. Used to transport granite from the kings & swell tor quarries from the moor to Sutton pool, Plymouth.

In 1916 all the track was removed…..

During the second world war the Cann tunnel was reused and a contract was tendered to turn it into a deep shelter for 3000 essential dockyard workers…..they would essentially move into here for the duration of the war….

Evidence of beds & some sort of sick bay still exist, as do baffle (“blast walls†to prevent a direct hit killing all in the tunnel)

Also there are a few service tunnels above, old electric light remains and piped water…

We’ve been working on this one for a year or so, and finally it welcomed us in for a short period….literally spent hours and hours, loads of hard work, and even blood, to sort access….

Nemesis and the Kernow expeditionary force were in first… Access secure…we toasted with a beer & dare say we woke one or two people up with a txt in the early hours!

The group visit was sorted….

Visited with Nemesis, Scrub, Scotty, Sarah, MrB, The Stig & Lycos…..

we had to work for this one....


kernow expeditionary force at the sealed enterance


door to shelter


bast wall (been removed to run sewer pipe)


one of the three escape hatches...allowing occupants to get out if the shelter took a direct hit....


service tunnel?? only 3ft high at most....


nemesis & kernow expeditionary force....


sick bay with curtain rail....






decent group shot... a top top evening after much hype...

thanks guys & hope you enjoyed it as much as we did