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Report - - DevonPort Market Hall, Plymouth. 10/09 | Other Sites |

Report - DevonPort Market Hall, Plymouth. 10/09

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Went with underworld on very sunny day.
we drove past on the off chance we could get in.

There is not much info on this site just that it use to be used as a market hall before the MOD took over the land bout 50odd years ago.
I'll keep looking for some info, if i find any i'll post it up.

when we was walking round the site we noticed some blue poles coming out of the ground with radiation stickers on them.
I dont have any idea what they are but there is two of them, on each side of the market hall and a big yellow one with a cap on it. sadly i never took any pics.
any one got any ideas?


The hall with the clock tower. we will get up that.

  1. Image00023.jpg

    The roof

  2. Image00019.jpg

    The stair case i want in my house

  3. Image00001.jpg

  4. Image00010.jpg

  5. Image00009.jpg

  6. Image00012.jpg