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Dewhirst Warehouse Sunderland Grange Town


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Hello Everyone

This is my first Explore and I was on my own, I had planned a visit there but to take other people too, but any way I was driving past and I thought what the hell lets go.

It was a bit spooky on my own, nearly caked my pants at one point a loud bang from the middle of the warehouse, I jumped and turned expecting to see someone but nothing was there, but I suppose these places make all types of noises and stuff only there is never anyone there to hear them!!!

I only stayed maybe 30 minutes because all I had was my camera no torch or masks or anything so didn't go in to deep to the darkest bits, but I managed to get some snaps and upload on here as this place has never been done before, which surprised me as it's been empty a while now.


To be honest I cant find anything about the history of this place other that a little snippet for a local news paper (Sunderland Echo) which I have copied and pasted below which was 2002

"THE Dewhirst girls feel betrayed.

As they walked out of the factory doors on the Leechmere Industrial Estate for the last time today, there were tears and hugs, anger and resignation at their fate, and countless vows to keep in touch.

Ninety days ago the bombshell was dropped. The Grangetown operation was to be shut down and transferred abroad to Morocco, where labour and costs are far cheaper.

The girls were left reeling by the news - it was half-expected but no less shocking when it came.

They feel betrayed by Dewhirsts"

What I do know is that once this place closed down it did reopen as a Littlewoods some time later but again eventually closed back down then reopened as Shop Direct then AGAIN closed down but that's as much as I know.

Now the bit I explored was only a small section of the whole place, it does extend a lot further where all the offices etc are but again I didn't venture to far and not sure I could access this section from the area I was, but I did notice easy access around the side while driving past with only a small 3/4ft fence/gate to climb and that lead straight in to the office section.

Below is a google maps of the area and the section I visited is in red and the other section I have highlighted in blue


Then the shop Direct sign I saw on the way in.


This is the middle with my back to the office section


From the middle of the yard looking up


View from the top


Part of the roof is missing here, which helps a little for lighting


Some Graf


Wouldn't make a very god fire exit if it were locked


Bottom section with the loading bay to the left


Fire Safety Check in the loading bay?


Scrap metal theifs hid in the loading bay by the looks of it to remove plastic from wiring


Funny this room because for all the warehouse had a stale smell about it this place still had an OFFICE smell to it, bit weird really considering there were no doors on this place


Another view of the same office


Flakey paint hanging from the roof


Cabinet with some ointments for removing stains from garments


Some old clothing hanger size beeds, presume this is off when it was dewhirsts!!!!


Forklift Truck with some art


A section I didn't venture to as it was pretty bark


Had a quick look over my shoulder for knife operators before I took this pic!!!!!!!!!


This this might of been a bait room or a smoking room, didn't get a close look because again it was pretty dark over this way


And Finally a view from my entrance down along the building



Sorry if there is to many pics but I'm a fan of having loads of images the more the merrier I rekon.

Comments welcome as this is my first explore

Hopefully I can get back here with someone(offers) and finish up.

Thanks for looking
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The Kwan

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Thanks for posting this Kev, would you have any other images to replace some of the warehouse shots because they are too numerous TBH, also a date in the main title is required, month and year...see the cable monkeys have been in :)


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Basically means you have too many of the same sort of shot in the report mate, not bad for a first attempt though.

The Kwan

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Lenston is spot on Kev, whilst it looks like you had a great time, it looks like you have a lot of images that look the same, ie warehousing, it was obviously a good mooch for you but shots of signage, artifacts and stuff like that would make the report so much more interesting for members, sorry if it sounds like a downer but that is what it needs.


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NO mate thats fine, like I said its my first, i was open to comments and where I went wrong, and what to do next time to improve


I have removed a few more


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Yeah the place is a mess off the dirty smack head theifs.

I did notice what looks to be some new mesh fencing around the bottom end where the loading bays are, so chances are they are gonna demo the site eventually.

The Queen

Well done for getting out there, I look forward to seeing what else you find in the future. One word of advice- Torch!! :)


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this place hasnt changed much then. I just wish theyd hurry up and demo.

You may like to try a bit further up the road.... nice mooch at mill. :)