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Report - Ditherington Flax Mill, May 06

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
First mentioned here by Dweeb, I went over with Spook and a mate on Sunday for a look.

Quote:- Ditherington Flax Mill in Shrewsbury , the world’s first iron framed building and ancestor of the modern sky-scraper, has been bought by English Heritage....

This made me expect it to be very secure, and it was. No on site security but quite overlooked and VERY secure. (as it should be). Razorwire all around and boarded and bricked up windows and doors.

We got a few pictures of the outside and spent quite a long time in the grounds before we found a way into one small part of the buildings. Even then we couldn't access any further because of securely locked doors. We must have been seen by local residents and were a bit nervous we'd been reported. In the end nobody bothered us.

It's a very impressive looking building from the outside with some nice features, I could have spent hours in there if we'd got in :( :-



Apprentice House.




Inside the small area we accessed we could clearly see the "Iron Frame" construction. The smaller post nearest the camera must be original 1797 and has an X cross section, it would appear they later strengthened the location against the horizontal beams with a wrought iron bracket at the top.
Later still much sturdier columns have been added to supplement the rather spindly looking originals.

Some machinery.


Jumping back over the wall at the end of the trip we nearly landed on some Chav who'd chosen that spot to sit down and have a have a smoke. His face as 3 of us leapt over the wall was a picture. :D


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Re: Ditherington Flax Mill (The Maltings) REPORT (56k warning)

Fusion, it's in Shrewsbury, I'm not sure exactly where but it'll be on the English Heritage web site.
It won't get flattened, they've got plans for it.
The pics were taken in February.

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