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Report - Dock Crane, Greenock

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After a quick RV with Turk, Dweeb, OT and co in Glasgow, myself and Userscott were heading for Inverkip. Swinging round a corner we saw three big shipping cranes, and went for a closer look. Unfortunately they were lit up and all on an active dock with very obvious security guards. Continuing on, we saw something even better, reaching high above the rooftops...



It didn't even have to be discussed. Parking up, grabbing the bags and some basic climbing kit we were off. A few minutes and we were at the base of the monster, marvelling at it's construction. Of course, it was getting climbed, to the top...



Although most of the iron work was sound, the floor plating was in a state. Lots of the walkways had holes rusted right through them. Here, once again, we appreciated the usefulness of good rope-access gear. Taking care to clip in it was possible to get right to the far end of the crane, the cab and the giant slewing gear before climbing back down.








Touching the ground once again, I decided to get some extra photos of the crane and it's surrounding debris. Moments later I became aware of the sound of an engine... "Haven't fired up the crane have you Scott?" I joked... "No, there's a boat..." Oh well, just a ship leaving port. Oh no. Next thing a search beam lights up the base of the crane and starts searching us out - they'd come for us!

Legging it behind a gravel bank we were a bit stuffed. The way out would leave us hopelessly exposed, and they were close enough to get off the deck onto the dockside. Who was it, port Police, dock officers? Waiting for the beam to sweep away from us, a wooden palette helped our escape. Taking a chance we dealt with the fences and ran like hell, leaving the boat and it's occupants still looking for us. A close one indeed!

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