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Report - - Donatantonio Warehouse - Hertfordshire - August 2020 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Donatantonio Warehouse - Hertfordshire - August 2020

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28DL Full Member
The History:

An old Donatantonio warehouse sitting on a 3.6 acre site. Donatantonio is underneath of 'LUPA FOODS'. Lupa Foods is a merger of two well established food companies in the UK sector: Compleat Food Network & Dontantonio. Sadly that's all I've got. Can not for the life of me seem to find anything about why or when this was left empty.

The Explore:

Did this one with @Sprackles and a couple others. As with a few of mine lately, its been a case of driving to a planned explore, and getting lost or taking a wrong turn and then stumbling across another derp in the corner of your eye. I believe we were detouring for food. Drove into this road and noticed this old building on the right hand side of the road, but nowhere really to park so we kept heading down the road to look for somewhere to park and that's when we noticed another empty looking building on the left hand side. So after finding a suitable parking spot, we headed back to the first building we spotted, with no luck of getting in, not to mention this building was surrounded by a new looking block of flats, so we didn't feel comfortable hanging around for too long, the eyes are everywhere!

This is when we headed to the second building we spotted, and it was as simple as just walking straight in. To our surprised (and disappointment) it was just a massive empty warehouse/factory unit, so there wasn't very much to see in this one at all. Although there was a caravan out the back of the building and another side room which were cool to glance around in. Was a quick explore but, still, I suppose its still nice to have something to derp! :thumb

Admittedly, I think I deleted a bunch of photos from here because of quality, and stupidly didn't think to take any photos of the exterior of the building, the caravan or the side room. DOH. :banghead
Severe lack of pictures on this one too, due to the fact of it being a big, empty warehouse with nothing in it, lol. Also, sorry about the picture quality. Only so much I could do with my two lights, they're good, but not good enough to light this place up, and I still lacked a tripod at this point.










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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
That last shot makes you guys look like a bunch of droogs about to commit an entertaining atrocity in A Clockwork Orange lost scene. Very atmospheric. Made the place a bit more interesting.

This anonymous warehouse is the future of urbex, at least in the UK. Even offices are becoming giant sheds. Very depressing on many levels, and not just for urbexers and amateur historians like us.

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