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  1. T_Explorer

    Report - Sandhar & Kang - SK Building/George J. Mason Grocers in Birmingham (May 2024)

    Hello, Everybody... I have recently explored the Sandhar & Kang (SK Building), and I was able to document my exploration. The Brief History Sandhar and Kang 'SK Building formerly George J. Mason LTD. Grocers. This building was originally used as the headquarters for the grocery stores owned...
  2. dansgas1000

    Report - Sawston Paper Mill (Spicers), Cambridgeshire - April 2024

    Introduction Myself, @KPUrban_ and @Wastelandr met up several weeks back to cover a few places around Cambridgeshire, the primary motive of the trip was to visit Mullard’s Observatory but we also spent a few hours at this old mill site. I mentioned it to KP as I found it on OS Maps a while back...
  3. DeadintheGrave

    Report - Fairfield Industrial Park - Pelaw May/August 2023 Pt 2

    Part 2 of my previous report After spending about an hour or so exploring this goldmine warehouse of tools, clothing, chemicals and other random bs me and Piko finally decide to head out and explore the rest of the site. Unfortunately there wasn't any other accessible buildings but we did get...
  4. dansgas1000

    Report - Milton Green Highways Depot, Cheshire - June 2023

    Introduction This is a place I have seen pop up a couple of times on here. I really liked the green decaying rooms so I wanted to take a look for myself. This was one of the first stop-off points for mine at @jakev50’s trip last month up Manchester and Liverpool way. Surprisingly, it turned out...
  5. TalkingMask

    Report - Eva Brothers/Crabtree Forge Feb-May 2022

    I don’t know the history all I know it was a forge that specialised in vehicle wings and radiators, and that it was a nice apocalypse place if you’re into apocalypse games, especially it’s smelting hall. Was a cool place if you’re an adrenaline junkie who likes climbing too Externals Road...
  6. Ell-Miller98

    Magnet Leisure Centre // Maidenhead // 29-01-22

    I've visited Magnet Leisure Centre a total of three times now. It's clearly a bit of a hotspot now since the last two reports back in late 2021. On all three occasions I bumped into several other explorers (fortunately the friendly, respectful kind). The place is pretty huge and in a varying...
  7. Wastelandr

    Report - Various Warehouse Construction Sites, Essex 2019-2021

    Philosophy At first this post might seem a little bland, but bear with me as it gets better across the entries, and I hope to add to continue adding to it. Building sites may seem a bit of a soulless if not strange thing to explore for their own sake, but I actually think it helps to remind us...
  8. MK83

    Report - Bid Food - Scarisbrick, Lancashire - March 2021

    History - As per the other report on this from last year there isn't much history to be found. This site was owned by Bid food who previously traded as booker foods and 3663. The site closed in 2018. The warehouse seems to have been built on the site of an old farm dating to the 1900's and the...
  9. theurbexcouple

    Report - Abandoned Warehouse, Cranford, Feb 2021

    Explore: Myself(Holly) and John went and explored this abandoned warehouse/quarry that we fount while researching on Google Maps today, so we decided to go and take a look and it was infact local to us, which was even more better. When we got there, it was trashed and graffitied really badly by...
  10. Berserker

    Report - Donatantonio Warehouse - Hertfordshire - August 2020

    The History: An old Donatantonio warehouse sitting on a 3.6 acre site. Donatantonio is underneath of 'LUPA FOODS'. Lupa Foods is a merger of two well established food companies in the UK sector: Compleat Food Network & Dontantonio. Sadly that's all I've got. Can not for the life of me seem to...
  11. Five.Claws

    Report - Leeder & Sons Ltd Grain Mill & Granary - Long Stratton, Norfolk - March 2020

    Well, there's no place more self-isolating than an abandoned granary miles from civilisation, so with that excuse ready to use on any military checkpoints and/or Gestapo patrols, today I ventured off into the Norfolk countryside on this (perhaps sarcastically) beautiful March afternoon. I'd...
  12. Five.Claws

    Report - Glemsford Silk Mill, Suffolk - September 2018(ish)

    I'm back again, catching up on all the reports I've not got around to putting up in the last year and more! This time around, it's an interesting little place tucked away in rural Suffolk. Unfortunately I don't know the history of the place, when it closed and why. It's clearly been abandoned...
  13. N

    Report - Tobacco warehouse Liverpool

    What’s left of the old tobacco warehouse in Liverpool. Cleared out all of the interesting stuff and it’s being replaced with showroom apartments. Couldn’t get around all of it as I was playing hide and seek with security on the roof
  14. M

    Report - Ferandole Des Mort's - Belgium, 30th September 2019

    As a warehouse, it look's dilapidated and uninteresting, but inside, the graffiti, "wow" sadly some is fading, but it's beautiful, and very detailed, shame, it'll be lost as the place crumbles back to nature. This site was a printing and publishing company, originally run in a nearby city...
  15. Frostjbite

    Question - Abandoned factory locations in Lancashire

    Hey guys I’m new to this. Anyone got any locations for abandoned factories, warehouses etc in Lancashire area? Closer to Lancaster the better! Cheers
  16. H

    Report - Moreton (wirral) abandoned computer factory

    The explore: We found this old factory local to us by chance, fairly simple to enter. Not entirely sure of the history. Houses next door to each entrance, factory is located behind the houses. Seems to have been an old computer parts storage warehouse, most of the parts being from 1980ish and...
  17. MuniMike99

    Report - Wingate House, Stratford, London (March 2019)

    History Not really much I could gather about this place however it has been the site to many crimes from harbouring potential illegal immigrants to thieves to arsonists taking it upon themselves to attempt to burn down this skeleton of what once was either an office or warehouse - these 2...
  18. LittleOwl

    Report - Treforest Tinplate Works, Rhondda Cynon Taff, Jan 19

    Following on into 2019, I was determined to find some new sites to explore and happened upon this one during my satellite nosing spree. Though it looked heavily fenced off and I had assumed it would be inaccessible once we got there, I was pleasantly surprised when we managed to find a way in...
  19. Chrissie81

    Report - Demolition site, Warwickshire

    Hello, I’m new. I’m mainly interested in abandoned places from a photographic point of view and photography is my main hobby. These images are of a warehouse that is in the process of being dismantled in warwickshire near Leamington spa. Can’t tell you much of interest as it’s not a site of any...
  20. Ell-Miller98

    Report - Federal Mogual Camshafts Ltd (Godalming)

    Hello fellow Urbexers! Thought I'd share some images from my visit to the abandoned site of Federal Mogul Camshafts Ltd. Definitely a day well spent! I actually went twice in one day, mid-day and then late evening in the dark. Both were great! Definitely one for the day time though to get a...