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Report - Dudley Railway Tunnel august 2011


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nice tunnel my 1st lol .. wat can i say ..lol spooky not sure i like tunnels :)

This tunnel had been built 160 years ago in 1850, taking two years. Dudley is built on a hill, its ruined castle still holds a commanding place above the town from within the fantastic 1930's Art Deco styled Dudley Zoo. Most people in the area are aware of the Dudley Canal tunnel, not far from here where the barges were legged through off the roof by the canal men. The railways spelled the demise for the canal, and yet the same construction problems faced the railways as had the canals. Sometimes there was no choice other than tunnel through.
The last passenger train steamed through this tunnel in 1964, heading to Wolverhampton from Stourbridge. Once Dudley Station closed, the line remained in operation as a goods line until it closed to all trains on 19 March 1993, after 143 years in use. The twin track remains intact for much of the tunnel.

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