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Video Report - Dudley Ryder School

Ben Rolfe

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28DL Full Member

I took a trip to Dudley Ryder School, Staffordshire the other day. I thought it may be a worthy explore as its really tucked away in the country side. Remarkably outside the building seems untouched apart from a few broken windows but unfortunately I was unable to make it inside as I feel it has recently been boarded up.

I have seen a few threads showing the inside and one user mentioned specifically "I got into the building without damaging anything" which seems highly unlikely as all windows and doors are boarded up, anyway I digress.

Below is a video showing the outside of the property, the garden seems to be freshly cut so I recon someone pops around every week or two. Power is sill live on the site as we managed to switch a light on using the outside switch and the doorbell still works (see end of video).

A bit of info about the school. The school opened in 1825 with only 2 classrooms to start with, one for boys and one for girls. There were 100 pupils attending at that time. In 1895 the school was enlarged and opened in the evenings for others to learn.

After the school closed in 1981 the property seems to be lived in and has since been boarded up and disused.

Happy Exploring


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Not really in fitting with the forum if you didn't get inside!

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