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Dumfries Courier - July 2009

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Re: Dumfries Swimming Pool - Dumfries - 07.06.09 - Report

He does say if you're breaking in... I assumed he was trying to discourage the ignorant masses from checking it out.


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How can anyone "break" in to that pool...? Look at the top picture, you could drive a lorry in there sideways!!


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"Ive heard there is an old hospital a couple of miles out of town. I think that will be next."
MINT!!! am fairly local and will NOW look into this, such a BRILLIANT publication they even ADVERTISE sites now, whatever next, a free lift? maltloaf coupons? :p

As for vagrancy act, come across it, wouldn't imagine anyone would ever use it.
and yes, bill them for pics, whatever the going rate (trawl google or this forum for a good link for up to date prices) or charge whatever you feel like. If they don't pay, they are MUCH more in the wrong than you ever have been exploring. Take em daan taan.


Not always correct but in this case is -

Until recently it was believed that the Vagrancy Act 1824 had largely withered away in England through lack of use. In recent years, however, as the number of homeless people sleeping out has risen, the use of the Act has increased dramatically, especially in the Metropolitan Police district (most of Greater London).
North Yorkshire Police have also successfully used it against homeless people but have not heard it used against UE up here as yet! But all it takes is one successful prosecution anywhere for it to become 'case law' and quotable on future prosecutions.

The Vagrancy Act 1824 is still in force in the both England and Wales and Northern Ireland today, although it is much amended by subsequent legislation. So far as it extended to Scotland, it was repealed by the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982.

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If you read it properly, it's not just about the pool. Access into the other buildings wasn't as easy...
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