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Question - Dundee and Angus Jute / Linen mills


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So, I'm off to Bonnie Scotland in a few weeks and I'm going to pass through Dundee. I was wondering if anyone localish knows of any Jute Mills other than Baxters and Craigo?

Is this still standing?


I've got a few maybes on my list but being so far away it would be good if anyone has noticed anything get flattened recently, or even better if anyone has any leads in that area regarding textile mills etc?

If not I'll just follow my nose ;)

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I'm off up tomorrow so would also be interested. The location map is filling out, however Scotland is still fairly scant!


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Ha im going at the end of the month too. Not got much jute on the list tho. Was wondering if Craigo was still there as that got missed back in the day due to our little incident up the road :p

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