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Report - - Dweeb Turk and Raddog cornish tin roadtrip, epicness on a stick | Industrial Sites |

Report - Dweeb Turk and Raddog cornish tin roadtrip, epicness on a stick

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For a long time I have wanted to go down to cornwall to see if much remained of the tin and copper industry it is famous for.

So off we went. Among the highlights of the trip were trying to take night photos during a 'pea souper', lying to a campsite owner claiming Raddog was our dad as they did not allow all male partys:D

A night on 'cornish rattler' cider made me throw up out of the tent door after 20 seconds of my head hitting the pillow... on my own boots:rolleyes:. The morning task of scraping said sick up into a bucket was pleasant to say the least.:eek:

Raddog angered the crusty's by messing with their gifts to a natural spring. This angered mother nature who punished him by literaly sucking his tripod into the bowels of the earth... I was nearly sick again at this point, this time with laughter.

The crustys took another bashing at the foul 17 pounds a night 'backpackers hostel' which was a fetted pit of dispair. In a crude attempt at repairing the smoke alarm somehow damaged the previous night the crustys were roused from their slumber... at 8am! Ha!

Comedy slow internet connections, ridiculous admission prices and comedy guard dogs were also the order of the weekend!!

Oh, we looked at some tin mines too...

Us... tin miners for a weekend.

Mount Wellington, Tip ore prep plant

Cligga Head Tin Mine

Tomatoe soup bathing... in yer pants:crazy

Wheal Gwennap Tin Mine

Wheal Charlotte Tin Mine

Geever, old shaft

Geever main shaft

Unknown wheelless headstock

Hawks Point Copper mine

Countless engine hall ruins

South Crofty, Cooks Kitchen Shaft

South Crofty, Robinson's shaft

South Crofty, Roskear Shaft