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Report - Dyson Precision Ceramics - Sheffield - Feb 2012


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Only a year old this one.. Just realised i actually had some photos worth posting..

Visited with Dweeb, it was only really a fleeting visit but i was impressed with how much interesting stuff remained. The maintenance workshop had quite a bit of humorous tat and heading upstairs we found a modest pattern store also relatively full. Upon walking into the main stores im afraid the camera went back into the bag as there was just to many things to look at and rummage through in such a short time! Got to love climbing 5m high dexian racks to find all the forgotten stuff on the top shelves! A few bits missed and plenty not recorded but i enjoyed it none the less!

Founded by John Dyson
John began mining clay and making bricks in the early 1800s and from its inception the business prospered. The 1834 Sheffield trade directory lists - “John Dyson - Brick Maker, Stanningtonâ€￾ which indicates that he ran the business on his own. However, by 1838 the business was listed as “John Dyson and Son - Black clay miners and firebrick manufacturers, Griffs House, Stannington. The son referred to was John his eldest son

Dyson's where manufacturers of Refractory material, ceramics for the steel industry, they also produce firebacks and other household ceramic bricks for the likes of Aga's etc. They have also been know to sell clay for use in Well Dressings









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