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Report - East Fortune Hospital - East Lothian - July 2015


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Not a proper report, just a few photos for someone who wanted to see. We visited East Fortune on our way up to Edinburgh in the summer. We had some time to kill and the name of the place rang a bell as one of the 'hospitals of old' even if i couldn't put a face to the name. To be honest i was expecting it to be pretty crap, just a trashed shell by now. As it happened tho i really enjoyed the mooch, it was a real throwback to hospital exploring of 10 years ago. The buildings were dated and had lots of stuff in them to see which is more then you can say for most hospital closures nowadays!

We started off at the boiler house which was excellent, it really reminded me of a 2006 explore at Leybourne Grange (if anyone remembers that place). Really dated boilers and wonderfully intact! We moved on through halls and workshops, climbed the water tower, saw the kitchen and stuck our head in one or two wards which were very 1970s and for the most part too dark to shoot easily.

Like i say nothing too epic but if your in the area and want to see how things used to be then swing by here.









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