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Report - Edlington - Conisborough Water Tunnel - March 16

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Edlington to Conisborough Water Tunnel - March 16


Decided to have a wander out to Conisborough today to have a look at the Edlington to Conisborough water tunnel that I've seen done a few times. This as it happens has been my first trip underground so far this year, which is quite late in the day for me personally, I love a good tunnel...

Anyway, enjoyed this one, barring the copious amounts of cave spiders, it's a stoop most the way through if you're a fairly tall guy like myself at times becoming a crawl. The tunnel looks a lot larger in the pics than it actually is so don't do what I did and roll up with a bag full to the brim with lighting equiptment, it'll just make your life extremely difficult in here as I found out the hard way! Still spent a good couple of hours in here!

I'm not going to add a history section to this report, simply because I have a lack of it. What I can tell you however is this, the tunnel would apear to be of the Victorian period, is bored through limestone and is around 1KM in length, perhaps a little more? The tunnel runs from Edlington to the base of Conisborough Viaduct and has three Air Shafts all of which are uncapped and still providing good air on the surface of the tunnel. The tunnel is now out of service, the iron water piping is severed in several places and at either end of the tunnel.


It's going to be short and sweet this one, as there's only really son many picture of tunnel you need to see, that said, it's a really nice little tunnel, one that I'd advise tunnel men and drainers to put onto their lists.

Taking a look into the Edlington End Portal where I started my explore.


A look at just how low certain parts are...



The Tunnel is all lined with rather nice brick work up to the first Air Duct, the picture below was taken on my IPhone, Having packed everything up to squeeze into the airduct and then squeeze again into the next section of tunnel I decided to just take a quick snap and move on...


Moving a little further in the brickwork becomes patchy allowing us to get a good look at that lovely hand carved limestone.


And another...


And one last one of me, pissing around with double exposure and flash guns like the photography nerd I am, also notice the oil lamp, one of many I inherited from relatives at Big K (slapped an LED light in there)...


And that's all folks
Hopefully more to come soon, been rather busy latley!
Cheers for Reading!
TAW :)