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Report - 'Elementis' Teesside.


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We'd just been having a few casual drinks in teesside after looking at a speedboat and having a bit of UE in the Steel Industry up there. Larey spoke of Elementis, and I Disregarded it as a small insignificant lead, "Lets carry on drinking." Indeed that did happen, but we also ended up here.

Infact, this is the Last Chromium plant in the UK, Insignificant? The site has been here since the 20's, and has had major overhauls regarding efficiency and H*S regs. Chromic Oxide is used in timber treatment, the car industry and in leather tanning, the primary use of the Product 'Chromic Oxide' though, is in the treatment of metals, specifically Stainless steel. So with my own goal in mind (Documenting Britains dying steel industry) this place was important in the larger picture.

Production ceased last June, with a loss of 138 jobs. The closure is due to the common story that our chemical market cannot compete with the Asian chemical market, where production is cheaper. You look through most of the reports on here, it will be a similar, sad story. Unite regional officer Bob Bolam described the closure as the "end of an era".

Me 'Larey' and 'BobaLow' Dragged our sorry arses here after we had spent a night been chased by security and a day chasing speedboats. So we was thankful to find the place all to our selves. Contrarily that wasnt the case when I returned by myself on Saturday... Cat and mouse with workers, having to creep around a worker, no more than 5ft away, when his tanker parked right in front of my 'Great escape.'

Demolition started in February, so these pictures only show the remainder of buildings onsite, of which some are already gone today, although it will take many weeks for specialists to dismantle the nuclear reactor.

Green fields and Green Industry. Showing the rear of the site and the Head of two Kiln buildings.

The Kilns are very much similar to Cement Kilns.



More Kilns seperate from the ones above.












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