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Report - - Elizabeth Shaw Chocolate Factory 10/04/07 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Elizabeth Shaw Chocolate Factory 10/04/07

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I should have danced all night
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Thanks to Markr for the lead and Mr Loft for doing the first recce (I've PM'd him about access)

I've stuck this in RU for now because all the machinery is still there and I only covered about a 1/4 of it before my torch ran out and I couldn't take any more photos.

A really stupidly dangerous explore tonight and it's really made me think twice about exploring on my own in future. I fucked up my arms on entry with barb wire and got covered in anti-climb paint-AGAIN! Access is really silly-you kind of have to climb a chain link fence covered in sticky stuff, go between lines of barb wire and onto a set of stairs on wheels with nothing to cling onto the other side. Although, access is probably slightly easier now that I have the majority of the anti-climb paint on my face, jeans and in my hair and I gave the barb wire a beating. The place is HUGE! Loads of machinery left inside as well as boxes of chocolates, packaging-I was in my elephant until paranoia kicked in and I got lost. Definately a day time explore because it's so dark inside-as you can see from the photos.

There's loads still to see, I only covered two floors of the first building before scaring myself silly imagining pikeys coming back to get their bits of copper and nicking my camera:(

Oh yeah and the whole place still smells of chocolate. Getting out was funny too! I was climbing back over the outside wall when this dark shape appeared above my head. SHIT THE FUCK!!! I stopped myself from screaming as I stared right into the eyes of little black cat-it was scary at the time:eek:

I then also got lost in the centre of the dodgiest neighbourhood in Bristol-driving around and everyone looking at me because either I was the only one not on drugs or the only white face for a couple of miles:eek: Scary

this still had bits of melted chocolate on it

phtos from the outside just as it was getting dark



This reminded me of golden tickets:)









walkways between the two sides of the main bit of the factory