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Report - - Ernesettle Battery, Plymouth -1/1/08 | Military Sites |

Report - Ernesettle Battery, Plymouth -1/1/08

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Kernow Expeditionary Force

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Ernesettle battery was built to protect the Dockyard from its land facing side in conjunction with many of the other forts in the area.... as a kid we always wanted to see whats inside and 20 years later i finally found out...

This is very much still on mod land and has a very secure gate system, and is still well protected by its original dry ditch. As normal with these old forts little remains, and despite the fact the site is secure it is extensively secured inside as well - access to a believed small tunnel leading to dry ditch loopholes is bricked up as are the small buildings etc,

the original "Ernesettle VR 1866" keystone is in very good condition and an interesting feature....

not as exciting as some of the other forts in the area (believe OT did fort efford for example) but defo not the worst and another ticked off :thumb







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