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Right, I was down here a few days ago as I'll be heading up here in December with my friend's band Circuit Chase who I do live and promotional photography for. I thought I'd just post an update on the status with the place. Can I post the results please btw?

First of all, a solid wooden fence has gone up around a lot of the site making it more anti-climb since I guess now you could call it a building site. Security have moved from the chapel to the carpark, and the cameras have all been removed. As for the buildings, George Schuster has had a solid fence put up around it as well and has been partially demolished, but demolition has delayed due to asbestos contamination. Newlands has begun demolition and has nearly all gone. The Rotherfield/Isolation Ward has had it's security fencing removed and is in the process of being stripped out prior to demolition. I don't know much about the outbuildings but I know that they are all to be demolished except for some farm buildings. The chapel is pretty much as it is; my friend Bill has pictures of the inside and it has nearly EVERYTHING LEFT IN SITU! I'M NOT JOKING - pews, organ, bibles! The only thing that's gone AFAIK is the altar. The female block, east of Admin (see part 3 of my report) currently is being done in by the demolition boys - they're not knocking it down (lol), just stripping out fixtures like the sinks, prior to asbestos removal. The main hall is still the same, just locked up now and the male side i.e. Hermitage Ward has signs of contractors i.e. tools left behind but is otherwise the same as it always was. 60's extensions either side of the main hall are due to be demolished, but otherwise all main block buildings are due to stay.

In regards to who's developing what, Linden Homes are responsible for the outbuildings i.e. Chapel and Newlands, and Thomas Homes are responsible for the main block. I'll try and get in contact with LH to see the slab in the mortuary and the chapel too. The development is a 2 year project for both groups apparently

I would post pictures, but Bill has locked all of them so I can't share them with you sadly. Hope that helps,


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