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Report - Fan Bay Deep Shelter april 2012


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Bit of Dovers deep shelter for you guys!I've visited this place twice before but have not posted any pics on here,so decided as i have not been out for a while myself and urban ginger should go for a visit.Weather was smashing leaving ramsgate till we hit dover,torrential rain and it wasn't easing up!!That said we went for it and here's the funny story like i say ive been here twice before so i was sure i could get us the're no problems,but to be on the safe side i sent UG a goodle map with entrance pinpointed,even this being the case i said nah its not there and we spent over an hour in the rain looking where i said.UG made a call to Space Invader to double check and after a few helpful hints it seems i was approx 30 meters away..so cold wet and muddy we went down..

Brief history stolen from undergroundkent

This shelter is at the site of Fan Bay Battery, a WW2 site originally comprising 3 x 6" guns with associated magazines, shelters, plotting room, administration and accommodation areas. Today only traces of the gun pits can be discerned among the undergrowth, and all surface buildings have been demolished. However there are still extensive underground remains at this site, the largest being the deep shelter.

However there are still extensive underground remains at this site, the largest being the deep shelter, constructed in 1941 No.172 Tunnelling Coy., Royal Engineers, which can still be accessed via a hole in the ground where the upper entrance once stood. Completed on the 28th August 1941, it was designed to accommodate 4 officers and 185 other ranks.

All of the stores, weapons and associated metal was removed during the mid 50’s by Bird’s Commercial Motors Ltd.
Pics are not the greatest we had to get back to ramsgate and was my first trip underground with the w'angle on my nikon...

The route down












And we where out again and getting out is as much fun as getting down ehen it's been raining

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