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Report - Fan Bay Deep Shelter, Dover - Feb 13


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Another forum member showed some interest in Dover's underground stuff so thought it would be a great reason to get back over there, now having rinsed the Dover sites back in 06/07 this should of been a walk in the park, was quite happy to even boast to my companion where everything was and how i could give him the tour, but oh no, the memory part of my brain must be designed in siv form, for as soon as i set foot on the white stuff all seance of navigation was gone :banghead anyway big thanks to wevskey for directions :thumb and we was finally where we was meant to be, standing over a percurious looking hole with a potential neck breaking slide to the bottom :D

Fan Bay Deep Shelter is sunk into the chalk of the cliff tops above Fan Bay to the east of Dover, between Dover and South Foreland. It was the shelter for the Fan Bay Battery, Built in 1941 by No172 tunneling Coy Royal Engineers completed in August of the aformentioned year it was designed to accomodate 4 Officers and 185 other ranks.

Fan Bay Battery, a WW2 site originally comprising 3 x 6" guns with associated magazines, shelters, plotting room, administration and accommodation areas. Today only traces of the gun pits can be discerned among the undergrowth, and all surface buildings have been demolished. However there are still extensive underground remains at this site, the largest being the deep shelter.

All of the stores, weapons and associated metal was removed during the mid 50’s by Bird’s Commercial Motors Ltd.
Sun was shining birds were singing and we decided to spend it underground :rolleyes: