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Report - Fan Bay Deep Shelter, Dover - May 2012


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Fan Bay Deep Shelter was dug into the chalk cliff tops above Fan Bay to the east of Dover. It provided shelter for the Fan Bay Battery a few hundred feet away. During the 1980's the buildings were demolished and earth was bulldozed into the entrance of the shelter leaving no remains of the entrance. Since the shelter was sealed then the land has settled and a small hole has appeared and gradually got larger allowing access.

There are three flights of concrete stairs leading down to a depth of approx 50ft. After climbing on to the top flight of stairs you have to slide down deeper underground as they are covered with soil that has spilled down into the entrance but the lower two are in perfect condition.

The shelter itself is one of the best condition deep shelters in the area purely because it’s one of the harder ones to find. A large section of the shelter was left uncompleted and the materials have been left piled up in the chalk sections.

The shelter was completed on the 28th august 1941 and was designed to accommodate for 4 officers and 185 other ranks. There are also three magazines, one for each of the original 6â€￾ guns located on the site during WW2. All of the stores, weapons and equipment were removed in the 1950s by Bird’s Commercial Motors Ltd.

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