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Report - Finsbury Reservoir, North London - May 2013.


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Underground Reservoir, North London


I've done a fair few resi's and associated bits & bobs, both live and disused over the years, but this place is pretty special..Really!

I managed to find this info on the place a while back so thought I would share it:

Why aren't these covered reservoirs open to the public ?

The covered reservoirs are a large open space, but no one is allowed to use this space as it is locked off

The water company should open this space up to the public and stick a few benches in there so you can smoke a spliff and admire the view

Or is it a case of the people in the big posh houses overlooking the reservoir don't want the local spliff smokers to sit out in front of their posh houses being rowdy and chucking beer cans about ?
Maybe something that Boris Johnson should consider via the capital growth initiative :D

Anyway after sinking several Kronies (each) whilst waiting for bhg to show up we eventually wellied up and headed in

Excuse the shonky pics, I was half cut, knackered and my shutter remote packed up...well actually went for a drink of it's own

GAJ sporting a pair of Hunters :gay


Steps leading eventually to the surface


Once at the bottom I turned on the mighty cree and was greeted with this, around 100m x 45m of brick Pr0n


The place is enormous, constructed entirely of Yellow stock brick, the detail is rather impressive for what is essentially a water hole in the ground

Inlet via this huge cast iron trumpet


Looking down one of the side arches which stretches nearly 50m


Inlet/Outlet pipes



Alternative entrance

These steps lead up to a belled up surface building which contains monitoring equipment for the many installed sensors and cabling to monitor subsidence,
presumably from the nearby tube line which has shaken the place to death over the years





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They're actually some cheap Chinese knock-offs 'Munters' :D

Cracking shots dude, and as you've said, this place is absolutely immense inside so it's hard to capture properly so bloody well done for 30sec exposures :thumb

The Lone Ranger

Safety is paramount!
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Looks a pretty good stroll :thumb

Fantastic structure and very envious that you got to see this, even tempted now to head South for a scotch egg :)


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It probably will get a fair bit of traffic, but please contact one of us before going as the site is being monitored by Thames Water for the roof collapsing and we don't want them getting spooked by weird measurements being recorded :thumb