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Report - Fletchers paper mill - 11/07


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28DL Full Member
went back, and found lot's of bits we'd missed the first time. i left the 10-20 alone most of the time, and played around with the kit lens - so there aren't as many wide shots showing the scale of the place, i was more concentrating on smaller detail. i won't give any background, you all know this place now!

1> Gas Supply is still live

2> there are a few parts still running, like this pump

3> and these readouts

4> found the canteen

5> and a menu

6> partially constructed tank / machine. there was a poster up, "C machine Rebuild"

7> part of the tank


9> made our way into the ventillation system, james bond style. hehe

10> plenty of notices like this around


12> i like this little clock face. normally see battery powered bits on clocks that kinda size

13> a super dangerous cut off button for stopping chlorine escaping.

14> found the death star, i did wonder where that one was hiding!


16> guess this was to help when moving fork lifts around

17> i still love these orange things



20> company initials on the teaspoons

21> finally a shot from outside

that's quite a few pictures. hope you like.