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Report - Fletchers Paper Mill - Agricultural Area and Turbine House- Saddleworth - Jan 2012

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Fletchers Paper Mill – Agricultural Area and Turbine House- Saddleworth - Jan 2012



There is a lot of history on this site already if you want to search; in addition there was a fire here in late November 2011 which appears to have done little damage to the main buildings.

As I suspected there is little, well no history on the agricultural and horticultural buildings which adjoin Fletchers Mill, all I can add is the greenhouses were heated from hot water produced on the main site.

My Visit

I had thought of heading here today after seeing a recent report from Saul, day didn’t pan out too well; it was lunchtime before I could escape, just as I headed out the door Laurence put his report up. A quick PM and I thought I was sorted (Cheers Lawrence);)

As it was, Dovestones was busier than Deansgate on the Boxing Day sales; I slid off to see if I could head down another explore I had in mind; alas the water levels were too high. Stuck now as to what to do I headed back to Fletchers to look at the out-buildings and greenhouses near the main building, I dismissed these as not worth an explore to Hidden Shadow last year, still think they aren’t worth the time, but good to pass through on the way to the main buildings to avoid the tourists :)

I was aiming for the boiler house, but ended up in the turbine house instead, next door to each other plus there was a connecting building to the turbine house. I have wandered around here enough in the past looking through windows and trying doors, so it was good to actually get into something of interest.

Image 1.
One of the greenhouses heated by water from the mill.


Image 2.
Inside one of the greenhouses.


Image 3.
The pump house, this is where the hot water from the mill was split and then pumped to each of the greenhouses.


Image 4.
Health and Safety. It looks as if it was more dangerous to work in the gardens and greenhouses rather than the mill!


Image 5.
View of the main mill buildings from the boathouse.


Image 6.
From inside the building which is connected to the turbine house.


Image 7.


Image 8.
Machinery at the mill.


Image 9.
Inside the turbine house.


Image 10.
Various motors and things.


Image 11.
Electrical stuff on a shelf next to the turbine house.


Image 12.
More storage inside the turbine house.


Image 13.
Workshop and fully stocked shelves at the rear of the turbine house.


Well that’s it, will save a full explore for when it’s less busy or I can get out of bead earlier, but hope covers a couple of areas not seen too often at Fletchers.

Thanks for looking,


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