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Report - Fletchers Papermill, Greenfield - March 2010


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Fletchers Paper Mill - Visited By Ojay, Urban Soldier & Oldskool.

Last owned by Robert Fletcher & Son Ltd and located in Greenfield Oldham. The firm was once owned by the Crompton family who traded under the name Ralph Crompton and Nephews, Bleachers and Papermakers, Stoneclough and Manchester. Paper was first made in 1829.


The Greenfield Mill was one of two mills operated by Robert Fletcher & Son Ltd, for the manufacture of various products including cigarette paper and a range of fine tissues.

Towards the late 90’s the two mills of Robert Fletcher & Son Ltd started to stuggle. The increased cost of wood pulp and energy combined to make it tough financially. In 1997 the Greenfield site had a turnover of nearly £17m and shareholder funds exceeded £9m. By 1999 turnover was down to £8.2m and the sharholders funds had dwindled to little over £4m. In 2000 in an effort to save the business going to the wall resulted in the closure of the Stoneclough site and 120 job losses resulted from the closure although 50 new jobs would be created at the Greenfield site. Despite this move the company continued to spiral into financial ruin and in July 2001 several suppliers and creditors formally applied to wind up the company and resulted in the closure, overnight, of the Greenfield site.


I originally had a short mooch around this place a few years back, but got disturbed and had to leave. Today's re-visit came out of nowhere as I got a call from U.S. to say he was in the area and wanted to

look at summat locally. This place sprung to mind as quite an epic explore, but wasn't sure about access after recent reports of 'Lockdown' etc..

The site has 24/7 Security patrolling and the Police do occasionally use the land for training, and I believe they have just finished filming for TV adverts (Hovis & Greggs).

Access was a little tricky, after a few dead ends and a bit of free climbing we were all inside one of the main buildings, safe from view.

We spent a good couple of hours in here today snapping away just so we don't have to return. The site is still live with power, even the computers still work! although many sections are quite dark.

The size and scale of the machinery in here is amazing, and I would advise anyone who is into 'Industrial' to go take a look at this place. Although be warned about the dangers of Chloride and other toxic chemicals, it was even proved that there was once Radioactive material on-site (Nice). Infact the place is that dangerous, it even had it's own mini Hospital/Medical room for emergencies.

The 'Exit' or 'Great Escape' was comedy. After walking back through a field, we were spotted by some farmer who then proceeded to follow us, presumably ringing the Police. Fuck it we thought, keep walking only to hear the sound of sirens in the distance (Gulp). I managed to jump back in the car and getaway sharp, as I drove away at high speed the Rozzers flew straight past where I had just been parked.

It was a lucky escape and not too sure if the other 2 were collared or not at this stage...

































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